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Claim Compensation for Flight Delay

Flight delays,as well asthe cancellation, are regular occurrences in air travel. When one or another happens, it’s imperative to comprehend your rights and what compensation you are entitled to as a result of a delay or cancellation. The European Union has different regulations and policies regarding delays and cancellations for passengers on flights to/from/within their respective countries.

When your flight is delayed or worse cancelled- do you go for claim compensation for flight delay? Or do you simply accept it? Those who go for claim compensation; Airclaim.Net is the optimum destination to be reached for.  At Airclaim.Net, we provide fast, professional claim services to let you get back your money as soon as possible.

Claim your compensation with Airclaim.Net!

Airclaim.Net specializes in helping air passengers get their due compensation from the airline. We use our expertise in European Aviation Law as well as experienced barristers of Lawyers4U with the EU regulation 261/2004 to enforce your rights as a passenger.

What do we do for you?

  • After getting details from you we prepare and file the claim in your name by representing you in front of the airline company
  • After checking the details and conditions of your flight delay or cancellation, we get in touch with the airline and take care of the whole process
  • Should your case require that we escalate the complaint to court; our skilled team of lawyers also take care of everything for you

Claim your compensationat Airclaim.Net with easy steps:-

Here are some easy steps to make your claim easy:-

  1. Enter your flight details and if you don’t know your flight number choose by date
  2. Then CLICK on confirm and Submit
  3. Then you need to sit back and relax as our expert team is handling your case and after our skilled team start your claim will be in touch with you regularly

How does Airclaim.Net work?

Simply enter your flight details in the given field. Our bespoke software system then uses the data provided to see whether you are entitled to claim compensation for flight delay and will alert you to any possible compensation due.

Any necessary signatures can be conveyed quickly and securely online or else by post or fax. If your claim is successfully enforced, you will receive compensation of up to 600 Euros from the airline. Of the total amount of compensation paid, Airclaim.Net keeps 25 percent as a commission plus the statutory VAT.

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