Airclaim: A New Approach to EU261/2004 & Flight Delay Compensation

Airclaim offers a 21st Century approach to compensation for delayed air travel passengers with its new state of the art Iphone App available from the App Store. The App allows every passenger who`s flight is delayed, diverted, cancelled or overbooked the ability at the click of a button to claim up to £ 510 compensation. This compensation is every passenger’s right under EU Regulation 261 / 2004 and the tariffs of compensation are fixed ranging from £ 210 – £ 510, determined by length of journey and delay duration.

Airclaim`s revolutionary approach has been to design an App, free to download, which allows a user to either scan their flight ticket barcode or manually input a flight number and the App will automatically direct the user to a facility called My Departure Board where the user can monitor the status of their flight in real time confirming whether it is on time, delayed or cancelled. Further standard features include real time alerts to users advising “Proceed to gate” “Boarding” and “Final Call.”

User`s can use the App to monitor their flights at home, en route to the airport or in the comfort of an airport bar or lounge without having to check the flight board every few minutes. The App, once installed and programmed with a flight code, automatically monitors that flight and has a built in feature where, in the event a flight is delayed more than 3 hours, a message appears advising the user that they are now entitled to claim compensation and can do so by simply entering their signature via the App with its signature capture facility.

Think about that. No paperwork to fill in, no waiting for incomprehensible documents, no hassle of returning. A simple signature entered via the App is enough to activate your claim

For example a flight from London Heathrow (LHR) to Dubai (DXB) delayed over 3 hours could entitle each passenger to £ 510 compensation at the touch of a button.

It is this real time service which separates Airclaim from all its competitors. “There are other Apps out there which offer flight delay compensation but they all require the user to manually enter information after the event and request a “Claim Pack” to be competed and returned which can be problematic and very frustrating for passengers delayed at an airport terminal”

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