Benefits of using Airclaim & Self litigation does it work?

Air carriers exist to make money. They do not want to dilute that revenue if at all possible regardless of what EU261 / 2004 states. Please do not misunderstand, the air carriers will observe EU 261 / 2004 but they will not make it easy for the individual claimant. “Extraordinary Circumstances” as defined in EU 261 / 2004 are, somewhat unfortunately, vague in definition and the air carriers, perfectly legally, seek to exploit this. Many first time claimants will receive notices from their air carrier apparently disbarring their claim under such extraordinary circumstances which can range from onboard navigation error to a failure in correct tyre pressure – and everything in between and they often misquote the Montreal convention over time barred claims.

These notices are often crouched in legal jargon written as formal legal responses and will often leave the potential claimant confused as to their rights and apprehensive to proceed. This is where Airclaim can help. We, and our legal partner Lawyers4u, will not be deterred by any such disclaimer and if we feel your claim has merit, we will not hesitate to take the matter to the ombudsman and even the court in our cause to get you the compensation you deserve. This service is completely free of charge to you and will incur no other charges save our standard fee.

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