Proof that its not all plain sailing for EU261/2004 claimants

Much is talked about how EU261/2004 is simple and people should make any claim themselves. Airclaim know that its not actually that simple, so much so that some other company’s in this sector actually have free versions of the letters needed to make a claim on there websites. However our experience says that this is not a route to success in the majority of cases.

The number of forum posts relating to complicated EU261/2004 are numerous, a quick search on Google brings up thousands of conversations, all pertaining to complicated cases, with responses that are often conflicting and riddled with errors.

However many of these public posts on forums demonstrate the level Airlines will go to, to avoid a payment and one persons success is anothers extraordinary circumstance.

This post demonstrates the difficulty’s in getting an American Carrier flying an EU citizen from the EU to the USA to adhere to the EU261/2004 regulations.

This post demonstrates the conflicting advice you can receive on forums, one poster even states that “eu261″ is a UK ruling.

Another Example of a ruined holiday and an transatlantic flight with a delayed arrival of 24 hours and the people involved could not even get a response to the EU261/2004 from SAS. When they did eventually get a response they didnt even have the decency to offer them the right level of compensation and fobbed them off with vouchers.

This thread is unbelievable, Its extremely good with alot of good relevant advice on the other hand some of it is extremely poor. The number of complications that people can run into is demonstrated here. It also goes into great depth on how to lodge papers at the small claims court but demonstrates the level of complications that can arise if you pursue the DIY EU261/2004 claim.

Again more DIY claiming for EU261 and the passenger is being fobbed off with vouchers rather than the 600 euros that there entitled to.

The synopsis is, feel free to pursue your own EU261/2004 claim for compensation, but be aware it is a long and torturous process, that will most likely end in you having to issue your own small claims court proceedings, presuming you get that far.

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